NUBAYAAN always want to achieve our customer's ultimate satisfaction. And following this, we did our best to make a refund policy with extended service, which is suitable for our valuable customer.

Special Note: For any kind of damage issue customer have to complain in front of or in presence of the delivery man or courier office staffs, otherwise it should not be granted. Customers need to do unboxing videos for any items, where the unboxing process, invoice, etc. should be clearly visible for internal and external investigation. For any case where the items is not similar to what customer ordered, the item is physically damaged, parts missing, major defects, etc. then customers are required to send the unboxing videos to [email protected] and inform our customer service ( 01602694330 / 01830752894 / 01717577679) and/or send a message to our Official Facebook Page ( about the incident.

Following conditions will qualify under Refund Policy

  1. If any of our Product failed to meet the quality parameter, such as -
    • Physically Damaged Product
    • Major Defects

  2. If Nubayaan delivers the wrong items to the customer
  3. Product Lost during shipment
  4. If any technical error occurred - Wrong Order placement, Money Deduction

Refund Timeline:

If any order is canceled, the payment against such order shall be refunded within 72 hours to 10 working days, but it may take a longer time in exceptional cases that are related to other payment gateways, government authorities, or any. Provided that received cash back, bonus, apology amount, gift amount, if any, will be adjusted with the refund amount when applied.